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The most stable bag design in the market without the limitations or added costs of baffles.


This design can be utilized with standard or

pre-shaped liners for added product production.  Can be made in Modular (circular woven) or 4 panel construction to allow for custom fitting to your specific requirements.


This directly translates to faster filling and discharge times, less siting potential, less contamination potential, and HUGE cost savings!


Also called a “Q” bag, it has pieces of fabric or other material sewn across each corner of a 4 Panel,

U-Panel, or Modular bag to improve the stability of the load and to more efficiently utilize storage or shipping space.  Commonly used with products that are unstable, need to be stacked, or have limited space requirements such as in a sea container.


Constructed of 4 side panels plus a bottom panel to help reduce rounding versus a U-Panel bag design.  Provides added stability and stacking benefits when teamed with the SunPack version.

To see a detailed overview of FIBC Electrostatic Types




Constructed using one continuous main panel plus 2 sides panels equals a bag designed for rugged applications.  One of the most common bag designs in the marketplace and typically used in applications that require high safe working loads due to the bag’s construction.

This design utilizes a tube of fabric for the body that is seamless.  A top and bottom panel are sewn into the bag, making this design preferable for fine and hydroscopic materials.  The SunPack version is recommended for free flowing products for added stability and stacking performance.

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