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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

FIBC's (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers)


FIBC’s can be used to package products that are dry flowable powders, granules, and flakes.  Recently they have also been put into use for more bulky non-flowing products like molded plastic parts.  You can find FIBC’s in the following industries: chemicals, mining, plastics, resins, steel and powders.


SunBelt Packaging provides a complete line of FIBC’s and related accessories.  Partnering with several of the top FIBC manufacturers in India, China, and Mexico we have the capability to supply all types of FIBC designs.


SunBelt Packaging has experienced tremendous sales growth in the FIBC market in the last few years by acquisition and hiring a sales team with over 40 years of FIBC manufacturing, design, and field experience.  We have the expertise to customize an FIBC program to meet our customer’s individual packaging requirements.


SunBelt is an authorized supplier/distributor of Texene’s patented CHROMIQ® Type D FIBC technology – the world’s leading technology and product for ungrounded static protective fabrics for safe use in FIBC’s


We provide a variety of bag styles including:



4 Panel


lined (form-fit, inserted, glued, tabbed)

Available in Types A, B, C, and D.



SunBelt offers premiere stretch film and shrink film from leaders in the industry such as AEP®, Amtopp®, Intertape®, and Sealed Air®.

We stock a variety of sizes, gauges, and colors for your specific application, and offer competitive pricing as well as foreign

sourcing capabilities in addition to domestic made materials. In addition to stocking these products for you, we will service your stretch wrap machines. Please see our service page for more information.

Machine and Hand Stretch Film

SunBelt offers stretch film in all sizes and gauges. From hand stretch wrap to machine grade stretch film, we stock in sizes from 3” to 80” wide, and our gauges run from 40-300 gauge. We can also provide you with different colors of stretch film.

Shrink Film

Shrink film is used to ensure your valuable product stays together during shipping, and it protects the product as well from unfavorable environmental conditions. It is shrunk around your product using a heat source. We stock a variety of sizes and gauges.





POLY - Film / Sheeting / Bags


SunBelt offers custom polyethylene film designed and manufactured to meet your exact specs.  From single wound sheeting or centerfold sheeting, poly tubing, or bags on rolls and loose packed bags, we have what you need to successfully store and ship your products.

Polyethylene Sheeting (SWS)

Poly sheeting is produced as single wound sheeting or centerfold sheeting. We offer an assortment of widths and gauges, or it can be produced per your specifications. Sheeting is used to cover products to ensure that the product is not damaged during shipping or in storage.


Polyethylene Tubes

We offer custom poly tubing manufactured to meet your exact needs. Tubing comes in a variety of widths, lengths and gauges. It is used to store your products inside of during storage and shipping.


Poly Cone Bags

SunBelt is one of the largest distributors in the United States for poly cone/thread bags. We stock over 30 sizes in our warehouse. Sizes range from 5”-24” wide with gauges from .0004-.00125.


Polyethylene Bags on a Roll (BOR)

Poly bags are available on rolls, loose packed, on headers or wickets and are available in a variety of sizes and gauges. Bags on rolls are primarily used for storage and shipment of your products to ensure that your products will not be damaged by shipping or environmental factors.








SunBelt is a full service supplier of polypropylene, polyester, cord and steel strapping along with tools, accessories and technical service.  We provide the best quality materials, lowest prices, and quickest service for all your strapping needs.  We offer such names as Pac Strapping®, Polychem®, Samuel’s Strapping®, Dubose®, Titan®, and ZR Tools®.


Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is the most common strap and least expensive of all plastic strapping products. It is available in hand or machine grade, and can be sealed with buckles, seals, heat sealers, and friction welding. We stock a large variety of polypropylene strapping for all applications.


Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping is the firmest and most unbending of all strapping. It is frequently used on heavy loads such as lumber and heavy rigid palletizing. It can be sealed manually with seals, and heat or friction welds. We can supply any of your polyester needs.


Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is often used to secure pallets in place of plastic strapping. It is primarily used in heavy duty applications in the brick and lumber industries, and structural steel transportation. We stock all sizes and gauges for your light and heavy duty uses.


Cord Strapping

Cord strapping is produced from polyester fibers, which make it one of the strongest non metallic strapping materials available. Cord strapping is often used in agricultural industries. We stock many sizes and strengths of cord strap.



Seals are used to connect and seal two pieces of strap together. They can be applied with a manual sealer, by heat or friction weld. SunBelt can supply any type of seal along with the right tool for your applications.



We offer heavy duty dispensers for both plastic and steel strapping, made with the highest quality material, heavy load bearing wheels, and solid brake assemblies




If you are looking for a tape to suit your packaging needs, SunBelt has the right tape for you at the right price.


Whether its filament, masking, packaging or duct tape, we have the best selection of tapes at the most competitive prices. We



offer Shurtape®, Intertape®, Tara Tape, as well as other brand names. SunBelt can print your tape with your logo, or with any print that you require. We stock hot melt and acrylic carton sealing tapes, filament, duct, strapping, masking, and many other specialty tapes. Don’t get stuck with a tape that won’t stick! Choose SunBelt as your number one tape supplier, and you will not be disappointed.


Hot Melt Tape

SunBelt offers hot melt tape in different widths and lengths for your specific application. From minimum heat exposure to extreme heat conditions hot melt offers adhesion that is long lasting and dependable. It is great for carton sealing application or bundling, and won’t leave a sticky residue.


Acrylic Tape

We offer a full line of acrylic tapes from 2” to 6” widths and in different lengths. Acrylic is a cheaper alternative to hot melt, but offers great adhesion and can be used in cold or hot weather conditions.


Masking Tape

SunBelt stocks an array of masking tapes for various applications including packaging, bundling or painting. We stock high quality masking tapes that allow a clean removal from glass, metal plastic or vinyl applications.


Specialty Tape

SunBelt offers specialty tapes for your unique applications. We can print your logo on the tape that you need, or we can print tape to identify your product as hazardous, fragile, etc. SunBelt can get the tape you need for any occasion or application.


Filament Tape

SunBelt stocks a variety of filament tapes that won’t split or crack. We offer filament tapes with aggressive tack that will resist moisture and chemicals. We also offer high tensile strength fiberglass reinforced tape for bundling, strapping and carton sealing.



The Slip Tray Pallet is proudly made In the USA. It is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is the perfect solution for

sanitary shipping. It is Ideal for exporting in containers and products can easily be used with common tapered

forks and a push pull. The four side feature enables use with Bulk Bags, small bags, and boxes. The SLIP-TRAY Pallet’s four sidewalls protect the bottom row of product and the side walls help keep items from shifting versus flat pallets. This product

Eliminates splintered wood contamination and can be REUSED over and over, many more times than wood!


* 54% of wood pallets are used for only one shipment, and then either

stored, burned, or thrown away.

*Approximately 4.2 million tons of wood pallet materials were landfilled

in the US in 1995; this equals 1.4% of total waste and 19.6% of total wood

waste landfilled.

*Burning wooden and plastic pallets can produce irritating and

potentially toxic fumes and gases, including carbon monoxide, aldehydes

and organic acids that can affect our Earth’s atmosphere, and workers

and residents near the fire’s burn radius.



For a more detailed look at our FIBC options please visit the FIBC PAGE

Since 1980, SunBelt has grown to become a leading provider of flexible packaging materials and automated packaging equipment.


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